Incredibly light, solid and easy to be mounted.

The Mario Orlando Modular Platform is made with easily mounted and disassembled, light aluminium joint profiles (standard modular size of 100 cm), it is ideal for showrooms, fairs, seaside resorts, verandas or cafés and restaurants.

Wooden-panels flooring

The Mario Orlando Modular Platform, solid and compact, is made of 100 x 50 cm, three-ply fir panels, 27 mm thick, which are crossed and pressed together and artificially dried, joined with special glues resistant to climatic variations. The surface of the panels is treated with thermo-set resins.

Standard panels available

• 3-ply cross-laminated KAUFMANN fir wood, non-fireproof panel, Yellow or light Mahogany colour

• 19-layer Birch wood TEX with fire-proof (Bfl-s1 according to EN 13501) and non-slip on both sides in Mahogany colour

• 19-layered birch wood GREY with fire-proof (Bfl-s1 according to EN 13501) and non-slip on both sides in Grey colour

Mario Orlando - Pedana modulare

Main uses

These platforms are adjustable and perfectly adapt to outdoor environments and gardens:

• Installations at events and fairs
• Dance floor and shows
• Exteriors for bistros, bars and restaurants

Easy levelling

The structure is easily leveled thanks to the adjustable feet and to 5 different levels to make the height adjustable from 10 cm (min.) to 30 cm (max.).

Maximum load

The maximum load is 500 kg/m², certified by static tests.

The perfect flooring for every season.

For indoor and outdoor use, expositions, shows, restaurants, ballrooms or to level an uneven floor.
For these uses and many more, Mario Orlando Modular Platforms are always the best solution.
Their aluminium structure is light and durable, while their ease of assembly makes them extremely dynamic for temporary fittings.

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