The pure Italian versatility.

The Mario Orlando tribunes are versatile galvanized steel patented tribunes, perfect for any type of installation and event. They are obtaind through the use of elements made of CE (UNI 10025, UNI EN 10219-1-2).

Tribuna modulare Mario Orlando

In compliance with the regulations

During the process of soldering, various inspections are made according to the prescriptions included in UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN 1090, UNI EN ISO 3834, UNI EN 12062.

The protection of the structures from corrosion is obtained through hot-dip galvanization compliant with the following regulations UNI EN ISO 1461, UNI EN ISO 14713, UNI EN 1090.

All the tribune types are compliant with the rules in force and are updated according to the structural laws DM 17/01/2018 (max load of 500 kg/m² certified by static tests)

Main uses

• Tribune for shows

• Tribune for events

• Tribune for concerts

• Tribune for theatres

• Tribune for stadiums and football fields

• Tribune for grandstands and gyms

• Tribune for generic sport facilities

• Tribune for Padel courts

Tribune modulari Mario Orlando

Every event has its ideal type

Alfa N, Alfa R and Alfa RC types, having a starting step of 20 cm and a depth of 70 cm.

Beta N, Beta R and Beta RC types, starting step of 40 cm and a depth of 70 cm.

Height of the first seats
• Alfa N and Beta N models, first seats at 80 cm from the floor;
• Alfa R and Beta R models, first seats at 40 cm from the floor;
• Alfa RC and Beta RC models have a front walkway.

Tribuna - Fiera internazionale del cavallo - Militello Val di Catania (CT)


Tribunes for spectators can be provided with two types of seating:
• bench seating with an insertion of fireproof birch wood;
• seats made of polypropylene or fireproof nylon, with or without backrest.

Roof systems

Every tribune can be provided of a roof system upon request. Visit the dedicated section.

Simple installation process and maximum safety guaranteed

The load-bearing structure is made of struts connected by bracing, flooring and seating that guarantee quick assembly and greater safety through a patented system.

Thanks to this system, it is impossible to remove any elements of the tribune unless the appropriate tools are used.
The adjustable bases, placed in support of the structure, allow to easily adjust the height and perfectly level any base.

The flooring is made with an automated system provided with anti-slip embossing.

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