The ultimate mobile scaffolding.

Certified by static tests and laboratory tests, the Mario Orlando Modular Frame is a mobile tubular scaffolding on wheels which can be employed in building and other sectors such as plant engineering, maintenance, renovation, gardening, etc.

A stable and safe Frame.

The Mario Orlando Modular Frame, compliant with the laws and regulations in force (UNI EN 1004 CLASS 3, D.Lgs. 81/2008), is a mobile tubular scaffolding on wheels which can be employed in various sectors such as construction, plant engineering, maintenance, renovation, etc.

The solid structure of Mario Orlando Modular Frame (200 kg/m² load including two people) guarantees stability and safety to operators, thanks to the size of the base and the elevated structures provided with the relating bracing.

The modularity of its components allows the realization of worktops at different heights as required: from a minimum of 2.5 m up to a maximum height of 11.50 m (of the worktop) in accordance with UNI EN 1004 without obligation of anchoring.

For heights above 11.50 m, in accordance with the Italian legislation in force (D. Lgs. 81/2008), the Modular Frame must be anchored to the building.

Mario Orlando - Trabattello modulare
Mario Orlando - Trabattello modulare

Description and certification.

Access to the worktop is through a step ladder, located inside the Frame, where the first step rests on the metallic board placed on the base of the Frame (as per regulations), the subsequent steps rest on the metalic boards placed on the different heights.

The structure is made by assembling prefabricated elements, put together in our workshop through the welding of tubular steel profiles of S235JR quality or higher, in compliance with the harmonized standards of the UNI EN 10025 series (for laminates), and UNI EN 10219-1 (for welded hollow tubes), bearing the CE Marking.

The entire metal structure is painted or, on request, cold galvanized through an electrolytic process.

The Mario Orlando Modular Frame is certified by static tests and laboratory tests. It is supplied with a use and maintenance manual containing the assembly and disassembly instructions.

Mobile Frame elements

• Base element;
• Strut;
• Base diagonals;
• Diagonals
• Universal horizontal ledger;
• Metallic board;
• Metallic board with trapdoor;
• Ending parapet;
• Side toe board;
• Longitudinal toe-stop;
• Angled internal step ladder 2 m type xxcx;
• Angled internal step ladder 3 m type xxcx;
• Stabilizing bars;
• Base metalic board;

Mario Orlando - Trabattello modulare
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