A versatile and safe system.

The modular project of the Mario Orlando Modular Stage mounting system makes it possible to assemble perfect platforms even in difficult locations or installation on uneven ground.

Mario Orlando - Solarium modulare

Solid Solarium Platforms

With the modular elements of our STAGE it is possible to set up solid platforms for the most varied uses, perfect Walkways and Solariums adaptable to difficult settings – such as rocky beaches or places with very uneven ground – or over swimming pools. It is possible to obtain durable piling on rocks or elegant catwalks over a pool for fashion shows.

Galvanized steel structure

The protection of the Solarium structure against corrosion is obtained through hot-dip galvanization, compliant with the relevant regulations.

Modular Stage system

The exclusive system of slotting panels makes the assembly process extremely fast, as no screws or similar joints are required and allows the usage of both sides of the panels.

Durable prefabricated Solarium Platforms

Our system can adapt extraordinarily well to any environment or pool (including above-ground pools). It doesn’t require the preparation or levelling of the surface.
The height of the structure is perfectly adaptable to the surrounding supporting surface conditions, adapting to conditions of difficult access.

The elements of the structure that make up our Stage are weatherproof, they are prefabricated components that once disassembled can be easily stored occupying a limited space.

Maximum load

The maximum load of an Orlando Modular Stage is 600 kg/m², certified in updated static tests according to DM 17/01/2018 related with the structural and seismic laws in force.

Solarium, piattaforma sul mare per ristorante - Scilla (RC)
Solarium con moduli di Palco Mario Orlando

Platforms such as stilts over the sea

The Mario Orlando Solarium can be equipped with a robust access staircase complete with handrails, while a solid metal parapet can be added along the outer perimeter.

Main uses

• Solariums for seaside resorts
• Platforms for seaside restaurants
• Catwalk for shows and events
• Above-ground pool sides

Wooden-panels flooring

The Solarium’s flooring is the same as the Mario Orlando Modular Stage, solid and compact, made of 200 x 50 cm, three-ply fir panels, 27 mm thick, which are crossed and pressed together and artificially dried, joined with special glues resistant to climatic variations. The surface of the panels is treated with thermo-set resins.

Standard panels available

• 3-ply cross-laminated KAUFMANN fir wood, non-fireproof panel, Yellow or light Mahogany colour

• 19-layer Birch wood TEX with fire-proof (Bfl-s1 according to EN 13501) and non-slip on both sides in Mahogany colour

• 19-layered birch wood GREY with fire-proof (Bfl-s1 according to EN 13501) and non-slip on both sides in Grey colour

Mario Orlando - Solarium modulare
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