Prefabricated frames, for construction work.

The metal Scaffolding FAEM1, the only scaffolding entirely built in Sicily, is a Pivot Scaffolding, with prefabricated frames, ideal for safety in façade works or for the maintenance and restoration of buildings.

Ponteggio a perni - Mario Orlando, FAEM1

A modular FAEM1 system

The elements that make up the FAEM1 prefabricated metal frame Scaffolding system are:
• Frames
• Diagonals
• Ledger
• Basis
• Lateral guard rail
• Metallic Board and Metallic Board with trapdoor
• Metal toe board
• Safety parapet
• Accessories (ladder, double beam for driveway, axial hook, etc…)

Ministerial Authorisation

Ministerial Authorization for prefabricated frame scaffolding prot. n° 32/0001113/MA001.A005 del 15/01/2013.

Work in safety

The 180×50 cm metal boards for the deck board are made of anti-slid embossed galvanized steel.

The safety parapet represents an efficient yet temporary crowd protection during the assembly and dismantling of metal scaffolding. To secure the closure of the sections, a Parapet post is available.

Other available accessories

Net for metal scaffolding, “Linea vita” (“Life line”) and safety harness, specific and general building site notice boards, safety work wear, safety helmets and other safety products for building sites.

Cancelletto di testata - Ponteggio a perni Mario Orlando
Brochure PONTEGGI Mario Orlando - Faem1


FAEM1 is a Mario Orlando brand and characterizes the elements of the Pivot Scaffold system or prefabricated frames.



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