Wooden panels

Ideal for wooden formwork.

In building, the Orlando jointed panels offer the ideal solution for the assembly of wooden forms as they are modular, cheap and easily used.
The assembly is very fast in comparison with the traditional systems. Their use halves the labour costs and increases the panels’ duration by four times, since the panels are no longer damaged by rivets or nails.
Moreover, the traditional building tools for assembling the panels are no more necessary and, as a result, the risk of injuries is reduced.

Our formworks can satisfy all the possible needs in the worksite, in particular, they are suitable for the making of wells, lift shafts, tombs, irrigational canals, walls of every kind, even inclined, etc…


  • Straight jointed panels
  • Angular jointed panels

The formwork is commonly associated to the construction of reinforced concrete and consists of the mould in which the liquid cement is poured and left until it hardens. Only then, it is possible to remove the formwork as the structure is self-supporting.