Scaffold towers

The ultimate mobile scaffolding.

The Orlando modular frame, compliant with the laws and regulations in force, is a mobile tubular scaffolding on wheels which can be employed in building and other sectors such as plant engineering, maintenance, renovation, gardening, moving house, etc…
The modular frame is made up of nine base components, by means of which it is possible to build quick, yet elegant, frames of whatever dimension. It is available in zinc-coated or painted versions. It comes with wheels, to be easily moved, and stabilizers, to balance any difference of level.

The modular frame has a height range from 1.50 m to 12.50 m (including the safety ending frame).

The nine base components of the modular frame are:

  • Frame (99 x 119 cm – height 100 cm);
  • Diagonal (210,6 cm inter axe);
  • Base arm (212 cm inter axe);
  • Basis with wheels and stabilizers (cm 162);
  • Safety frame (180 cm);
  • Toe board (185 x 20 cm and 85 x 20 cm);
  • Metallic duck board (180 x 30 cm);
  • Metallic board with trapdoor (180 x 50 cm);
  • Ladder for board with trapdoor;
  • Bracing (400 cm – Option for heights over 850 cm).