Mobile stages

The only real and unique Italian stage.

Orlando modular stage, the only real and unique Italian stage, has been planned, patented and manufactured to allow extreme versatility.
The exclusive system of slotting panels makes the assembly process extremely fast (WATCH VIDEO), as no screws or similar joints are required and allows the usage of both sides of the panels.
The elements of the platforms are planned to fit the spaces in the most economic way allowing the least obstruction on truck beds and in storage.

The base module is 2.00 x 2.00 m. Alternatively, the use of 2.00 x 1.00 m and 1.00 x 1.00 m is also possible.
The protection of the structure against corrosion is realized through hot-zinc coating, compliant with the relevant rule UNI EN 1090, UNI EN ISO 14713, ISO 1461.

Wooden-panels flooring

The floor, solid and compact, is made of 200 x 50 cm, three-layered spruce panels, 27 mm thick, which are pressed together and artificially dried. The surface of the panels is treated with thermo-set resins making them resistant to climatic variation.
The panels are yellow or mahogany coloured and can be used in all possible combinations.
Alternatively, special, grade 1 fireproof non-slip on both sides – brown coloured panels, made of 19-layered birch wood, are available.

Access stairs, parapets and adjustable feet

Completely newly designed, the access stairs of the stage, equipped with handrails, uses a functional hook that can be installed in every module of the structure.
The parapet frame, included on three sides of the stage, is made of elegant zinc-coated metal segments.
The support feet, made with adjustable screw bases, can cope with differences of level up to 40 cm and permit a standard platform height (modifiable on request) of 100 cm (min.) and 140 cm (max.)

Maximum load
The maximum load of an Orlando modular stage is kg 600/sq m, certified in updated static tests according to DM 14/01/2008 related with the structural and seismic laws in force.

A covered and protected stage.

It is also possible to install a stage with a self-mounting roof-system.
Made of joint pillars, connected through grid beams and single-tube elements. The roof is made of PVC, waterproof and fireproof grade 2.

A “well orchestrated” solution.

The big steps stage is a particular version of Orlando modular stage with a special feature which allows different heights thanks to the proper pillars. It is an ideal structure for school shows, chorus, orchestras, military parades, etc.

A modular and eclectic project.

The versatility of the Orlando modular stage mounting system makes it possible to realize solariums, platforms in areas with difficult places or installation on uneven ground.