Modular tribunes

The pure Italian versatility.

Orlando tribunes are extremely versatile patented modular structures, perfect for any type of event.
The tribunes are made of elements realized with S235 JR H and S355 JOH steel profile (UNI EN 10219-1-2, UNI 10025).
During the process of soldering, various inspections are made according to the prescriptions included in UNI EN 3834, UNI EN 1090-2, UNI EN 12062. The protection of the structures from corrosion is obtained through hot-zinc coating compliant with the following regulations UNI EN 1090, UNI EN ISO 14713, ISO 1461.

Every event has its ideal type

Alfa, Alfa R and Alfa RC, types, having a height of 20 cm between the steps, are conceived for events and concerts.

Beta, Beta R and Beta RC types, are ideal for sport events as the difference between the steps is 40 cm.

The adjustable basis, supports the structure, permitting simple height adjustments to achieve a perfect levelling.

The deck boards are made of anti-slip hot-zinc coated press-formed steel.

The tribunes can be provided with either bench seating with an insertion of GRADE 1 fireproof, birch wood or with comfortable seats (with or without back), made of polypropylene or of GRADE 1 fireproof nylon, fixed to the structure.

Simple installation process and maximum safety guaranteed

The Orlando modular tribune’s assembly and dismantling, thanks to the slide and slot character of the components does not require the use of skilled workers.

Thanks to this system, it is impossible to remove any elements of the tribune unless the appropriate tools are used, thus guaranteeing the safety of the structure.

All the tribune types are compliant with the rules in force and are updated according to the structural and seismic laws DM 14/01/2008 max load certified by static tests.