Tubes and poles

The classical scaffolding system.

Particularly versatile, the FAEM1 tubes and joints scaffolding, (affiliate company of Mario Orlando group), is used for the building, maintenance and restoration of complex or degraded architectural works in order to build supporting structures to reinforce dangerous buildings in compliance with the rules and regulations in force on safety procedures.
This product can have a wide area of application as it embraces both the civil and the industrial sector.

This classical scaffolding system consists of the hooking of the tubular components thanks to metal joints: simple joint, turning joint and orthogonal joints.
The tubes are available in black or zinc-coated.Its usage does not exclude the possibility of combination or integration with the pivot or prefabricated frame FAEM1 Metal Scaffoldings.

Ministerial Authorization
Ministerial Authorization for prefabricated frame scaffolding prot. n° 32/0001111/MA001.A005 del 15/01/2013.


jointing pin